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Twiclips is one of the must-have simple Twitch clip downloaders EXTENSION that can help you download Twitch clips easily.

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Extension for Chrome

What is Twiclips Chrome extension?

In order to make your download process easier, we have developed a Chrome extension to help you improve download efficiency. You can click the button below to add the extension to Chrome.

Feature of Twiclips extension

All for your Twitch clip download.

Easy to use

Just install the extension and click the download button below any Twitch video.

Totally Free

You will always free to use Twitch clip download extension suitable for anyone.


There is no need to provide a large disk space or a complicated installation.
Twiclips extension can be added to your browser with one click.

Privacy protection

Twiclips extension does not keep a record of any downloads and your privacy is protected.

Free Twitch clip downloader - Twiclips

How to download Clip or VOD videos by Twitch clip downloader extension?

Learn how to download Twitch Clip or VOD videos with Twiclips in a minute.

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Install Twitch clip downloader extension

Click the Add Extension to Chrome above or search Twiclips in the Chrome Web Store to go to Twiclips details page. Then click Add the Chrome to install the extension.


Go to and select a Clip or VOD to download

Open the extension, click the "" button, or directly enter in the address bar to visit the twitch website. Visit the Video on demand and select a Clip or VOD you want to download, then click the download button below.

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Choose resolution and time period

After click download button in, you will jump to download page of twiclips.
What you need to do on this page is to select the video resolution and determine the time period to download.
Now Twiclips offer downloads of VOD video clips up to 30 minutes.


Patiently wait for the download to complete

Because the Vod video is large, you need to wait for a while after you click the download button.
Please do not close, refresh or jump out of the page during this process. The browser will only display download feedback when the progress bar reaches 100%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Yes! Twiclips promises to bring you a completely free Clips download service. You can install it on the Chrome Web Store.
This is not necessary.
To download Twitch clip videos online, you just need a link and paste it to
Twiclips extension we provide is to improve the efficiency of downloading Twitch clip videos.
When you download a Twitch clip by Twiclip, the clip will be saved as an MP4 file.
Twiclips will never collect your privacy information.
There will be a slight deviation in the starting position of the Twitch video on demand when downloading.
To ensure that the video part you selected can be retained, Twiclips extends the downloaded video by 2 minutes.